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Old 08-14-2004, 03:02 PM   #1
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Default Geoset merging in Gmax

2:Setting up the stuff
1:Frozen throne & Reign of Chaos Get Warcraft3
2:Gmax download Gmax here
3:Dexporter dl the script here here
4:MDX Importer/exporter 2.0 by KMK (Republicola) dl the script here
5:Yobguls mdx>mdl mdl>mdx converter dl the prog here
6:Warcraft3viewer 2.3cdl the prog here
7:1 brain 2 eyes and 2 hands dl here lol your stupid when asking where to dl
2:Setting up the stuff
Put dexporter and importer exporter script in your C:/Gmax/Scripts/Startup/ folder and start warcraft3viewer in this example i take the rexxar and FleshGolem so open up your war3x.mpq in your C:/Program Files/Warcraft III/ folder press ctr+F and search for rexxar youl get something like:
Ui\Glues\Single Player\Orc\Rexxar.blp

double click on the
and close the search window. Now youll see the treeview window right click on the rexxar.mdx and select Extract Model extract it to a folder like my edited models. Now search again but now for FleshGolem then you get something like that again and choose always the units\(race)\(unit)\(unit).mdx so in this case double click the Units\Other\FleshGolem\FleshGolem.mdx and again extract it to the same folder.
Launch Yobguls War3fileconverter and convert them to mdl by first selecting load file select the mdx(turn it in mdx mode) and selecting convert to mdl.
Now were done with extracting the models next were gonna edit them.
Now start gmax and go to the hammer tool and select the maxscript tab scroll down and at the Utilities click on the arrow that points down and select MDX Importer/Exporter scroll down again now unselect Bone Rotation and Click Static. Choose import mdx and select your rexxar.mdx you extracted now in the lower right corner select the icon with two squares and a arrow this will make the screen bigger. delete the plane squares out there like beastmaster7,4,5 and 6. select the body right click and select hide unselected. Select the icon with the blue rainbow and select editable mesh press the + and go into vertex mode. now select all body vertices you may use ctr to select more when there are vertices selected. if they are select then DONT DELETE THEM! SCALE THEM DOWN! much people go in the mistake here. You may use polygon mode (i use it) its much easyer and you can see what you selected it turns red when you press f2. ok now you have done that import the fleshgolem and hide the rexxar. Now select all vertices/polygons that doesnt have to deal with the body and SCALE IT DOWN!!! Now that that is done right click and select unhide all and go into vertice mode with the fleshgolem body not just move it move the vertices down so it fits the body you might scale it down a little in vertex mode c'mon do it. Your almost done. then select the beastmaster body(only the body nothing else) go to the hammer icon and select maxscript now select run script go to your C:/Gmax/Scripts/Startup/ folder and double click 'DeX 0.185m.mcr now select print to listener(wait a while its exporting the mdl data). Ok now this is gonna get mdl work. Close the dex exporter window and click maxscript>maxscript listener(f11).
Ok now go to your folder where you extracted your mdx and converted to mdl open your mdl with notepad or any other text edit program(i dont suggest winword it takes a while to load) Ok dont freak out i know there are lots of numbers and such i know i thought wtf is this?? when i saw it for the first too. so in the maxscript listener you should see vertices 650 you should copy the vertices there only the numbers like:
{ 47.1375, 17.1047, 27.5547 },

{ 22.0324, 27.8113, 40.4654 },

{ 39.4916, 10.8965, 40.7485 },

{ -5.44371, -2.3747, 145.475 },

{ 0.73673, -5.92219, 144.054 },

{ 0.73673, 8.21679, 145.236 },

{ 6.91722, -2.3747, 145.475 },

{ 6.42355, -8.82291, 143.433 },

{ 8.94678, -5.19359, 142.096 },

{ 8.49483, -10.3844, 138.473 },

{ 10.4195, -1.81027, 137.102 },


then paste(ctr+v) it in the mdl over the current vertices(only the numbers). Ok thats done now close the listener and select the flesh golem body export it to the listener too using the dexporter and press f11 again now with the rexxar.mdl still open open the flesh golem too overwrite the vertices again and copy the whole geoset of the fleshgolem body
Geoset  {
vertices Bla
Normals Bla
Tvertices Bla
Faces Blabla
Groups Bla[color=white]
[/color]Matrices bla

just as long till the following Geoset { then paste it under the last geoset of the rexar(Between the { and GeosetAnim theres only one material in it so.(if there were more materials you should look at the end of the geoset(first check the vertices of geoset you exported then search for that and look at the end) then start counting from 0 at the materials (number) and copy the material under the one you want to merge with. then change the number of the materials to +1 and go back to the one you copyed the material from look at the texture id(start counting from 0 again and then copy the texture under the texture of the other mdl again set the textures (number) +1 and count from 0 the last textures number must be put in the last material count the materialid too (from 0 again) and paste the number at the last geoset under materialid. Now you gotta add bones to it. ok search for Chest(is the bone for the body) its 13 (w00t yesterday was friday the 13 lol) now go back to the geoset at the end youl see groups delete the 4 matrices except the one with zero and change the number to 13 and save it(ctr+s) now your almost done.
Ok start war3fileconverter select the rexxar mdl and convert to mdx. Voila your done. (soon i will add pictures)
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none of your links work. I could not get to any of the script sites or yobguls.
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yo how do i get to the gmax folder thing u was talkn bout?
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Could we get some pictures please :-)
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...that was a pointless comment.
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Great tut :)
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