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Old 05-13-2005, 06:57 PM   #1
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Here's a Story I Will Be Writing for the Next Couple of Weeks. I Hope You Like It.

~The Dwarf's Tale~

As I'm watching the flames of my campfire I can't help but recall recent memories; my life in the mines. This fire reminds me of those burning furnaces used to melt the gold my fellow dwarves and I found by digging tirelessly through the hard earth and rock with our picks and shovels. I can recall the glory and satisfaction of finding a large deposit of gold. Finding gold is the ultimate way to fame; even if it only lasts for so long. My old memories are soon shattered by that one danger that became a reality; the cave-in.

I remember it forever, as if it were inscribed on my brain by a Runesmith with a hammer and chisel. It was a long day; we'd had a few minor finds but nothing spectacular. Then I saw it, that unmistakable glitter, that distinct colour, gold! At last! I raised my pick and swung in a frantic frenzy at the rock around the shining prize. “Free me!� shouted the gold in my subconscious imagination. Everyone was watching me go full-tilt at the earth. A small crack in the rock above us was growing ever larger with every swing of my pick. My co-miners were shouting at me to stop but I could not. I had succumbed to gold fever. Dust was falling from the ceiling but I didn't care, I just wanted that gold. I went into a state of shock then or my memory went a little fuzzy. I didn't hear anything. All I remember is seeing a huge piece of earth fall from above and crush my co-miners.

I continued to dig out the gold and eventually divided it into several nuggets. All Dwarves hate seeing shoddy work and I am no different. We like perfection. So I sat there forming the golden metal into perfect balls. I held them tight for the rest of my stay in my underground prison replaying my selfish act in my head over and over until a search party dug me out.

I was tried a weak later in front of the High Court of Khaz'Modhan. I was sentenced to exile for crimes against Dwarf kind. When I pled my innocence, that it was not I who dug for the gold so frantically but rather my Dwarven instincts from the oldest of our ancestors in my subconscious that drove me to dig for that gold; they dismissed me without a word. I didn't blame them. Most strong-minded Dwarves do not believe in gold fever. Most of the High Court is made up of strong-minded Dwarves anyway. Some even lost relatives in the cave-in. I packed my things and left my home, never to return again.

An owl wakes me from my flashback with a hoot. I will rest now. For tomorrow I continue west towards the camp of exiled Dwarves. Tomorrow I head for Lagi'nar.

To be continued…


I'm Thinking of Making Terrain Pictures to Go Along with the Story. Any of You Think I Should?
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Old 05-13-2005, 08:54 PM   #2
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Interesting. I'll be waiting for more. One thing is that You Don't Have to Capitalize Each Word of Each Sentence. The first word will suffice :)

I'm Thinking of Making Terrain Pictures to Go Along with the Story. Any of You Think I Should?

Go ahead, personally it helps me visualize the scene better.
Zone Control. Give it a try!

Taur: btw dun tell anyone but I bribed the wc3c admins with a life supply of packaged peanuts to host UL ^^

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guess what blade?
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Old 05-13-2005, 09:00 PM   #3
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Hehe I know, it just makes it look cool ^_^ and besides...chicks dig it! :8

Not going to add those terrain pics until the whole story is finished.

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