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Blinding Wars - A WATB Cinematic Trailer
Created by xbacurix

We are in the world of Agate, an ancient place where political and religious conflicts strikes the very balance of nature for long as anyone can recall. Little is known about the Primal Age, when everything began, all humankind know for certain is that the great War of the three Extremes has scared the land for generations and no one can tell why it even have started. But this war will prove to be the smallest problem of the three great countries, Termaria, Goroth and Ungar. For an unknown tribesman from the south have travelled his way across all Agate's greatest cities, carrying an asking for urgent help... As the elder Inscriptions of Karax once said: "Humankind will face the purgatory in it's own home, and every sin will be purged by he bloody hands of Uryah's sons"... The tribesland at the extreme south are being savagely slaughtered by shadowy beings. But will the great leaders hear what the tribesman have to tell? Will they be willing to leave the damned war behind and face this dark new threat? Who knows...

  1. Completly Voice Acted
  2. Customized Soundtrack
  3. Runs for about 12min (If you count the credits)


World Editor Screenshots

Tent in the woods

Tribesman preparing for war

Dead forest

Throne room overview

Throne room corridor

Blood: Fearstarter - XGM
Priest: Kath, Alastor - XGM
Noble Warrior: Katch, Orc - XGM
Gloom: Kath, Franck - XGM
Barbarian: Kath, Alastor - XGM
Abomination: Kath, Franck - XGM
Chair: Happy Cockroach - THW
Evulmage Skin: Hueter - THW
Norse Elementalist: Vermilion Edict - THW
Sir Valiant: CloudWolf - THW
RPG Heroes: Tenebrae - THW
Goblin Hut: Forgoten Warlord - THW
Hell Knight: Dionesiist - THW
Hero Pole Master: Ki - THW
Enviromental Stuff - eubz, robot-dude, fingolfin, HappyTauren, takakenji - THW

Grace - Apocalyptica
Unforgiven - Apocalyptica

Special Thanks:
dts0301 - I learned a lot studying his cinematics
rysnt11 - For helping me find a lot of good models used in the cinematic

Also thanks to:

Alagremm - for being the only one person who posted at the cinematic thread in "Map Development" (forced by me, but he posted... LOL joking)

(posted as an external link 'cause I could not attach the map here, don't know why)

V 1.1:
* Added black borders
* Improved the map preview quality
* Improved the loading screen quality

V 1.2:
* Black borders even on the portraits
* Decreased file size
* Improved Loading Screen

Author's notes:

Please, visit the project's thread and post you opinion: When Angels Tasted Blood - A RPG Campaign

This cinematic is just a small trailer for the upcoming RPG campaign: When Angels Tasted Blood.
Well... Also, I'm not the kinda' cinematic maker, I had my difficulties, I'm open for contructive cryticism, so i may improve my work, any help will be welcome.
If you wanna join the project or just got interested in learning more about it, PM or VM me ;)

Presented to you by...

Tale Teller Studios

link on image
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