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Old 09-18-2009, 11:57 PM   #1
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Default TBR 2.0.d Release + Changelog

I hopefully didn't cause any new bugs but rather fix the old ones. So if a bug that was posted for 2.0.b and somewhere in the changelog it doesn't note anything related to the bug it is not fixed. There was no private testing for this version as well but this time around I don't think there will be any silly mistakes. The new coders and the development team are planning what we should do for the next version so expect some new stuff for the next version (which will be the next big release)! Till then I don't think we will release any new versions for now.


~ Fixed any forge recipies which require Hydra Skull
~ Maxiums can no longer be forced to move
~ Taunt now gives the correct armor per level
~ Shadow Image removes the dummy than hiding then killing it now
~ Sacred Olympian Sword now definitely gives the correct amount of bonus damage
~ Fixed the Pyromancer Regalia hidden effect - Please note that all regalia effect aren't final
~ Fixed an exploit with Horses carrying restricted items
~ Removed Peresephone Caress's "hidden" mana cost
~ Dryad's regalia should now work properly - Please note that all regalia effect aren't final
~ Wail of the Banshee now works
~ Fixed tooltip errors in the forge recipies of Alexander's Greaves and Black Pearl Bracelet
~ Fixed Persephone Caress's buff up (Wc3 wasn't accepting the edited buff)
~ Attempted to fix Kunai Screen - Needs testing
~ Fix a tooltip error in Zeus's Blessing
~ Speed Scrolls last 60 seconds, not for 30 seconds anymore.
~ Fixed a bug where you can save both Jason and Chiron
~ Centaur War Chief has divine armor
~ Fire_around_Gates damage reduced to 250 from 1000
~ A new item has been added Keg of Sludge
~ -slap less likely to kill players now
~ -roll adds players as they use command
~ Minotaur quest fixed by hiding chief until quest actived
~ fixed load code stat check
~ creep XP reduced (non-quest kills)

Download TBR 2.0.d at
Since I don't have direct access to the ftp server, the link to download TBR 2.0.d on our forums might be delayed.
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