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Old 06-13-2008, 09:15 AM   #1
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Default [Request]

Molkin Blaster

A mole the size of a Dwarf. Wears a team-colored belt/sash, and a black head band. Has a small mudzooka on his left shoulder that fires slow but strong.

Weak healthwise with three potent offensive skills and an escaping skill.

Dribb Mudcannon, Firke Tunnelclaw, Grubb Earthmover, Salko Soilpaw, Sansum Urthflyer, Lokar Worldurt, Morin Landmover, Olam Loamblaster.

(starting stats)


Damage- 35-40
Range- 300



Flee-100 mana(90/80)
Increases his armor (3/4/6) and speed(20/25/35%) and makes him resistant to magic for (15/25/30) seconds. But renders him unable to attack. Can be turned off prematurely. 45 second cooldown

Mud Splatter-Passive
Adds a mud splatter to each attack making them splash.

Leech Grenade-200 mana(200/150)
Throws aleech at one unit and makes that drains mana(if they have any) at a rate of (30/40/60) for (3/4/5) seconds then explodes dealing (100/200/400) damage.
35 second cooldown.


Mudkin Molkin-500 mana
Shoots a large burst into the ground, moments later 6 Mud-Covered moles arise from the ground. 2 Dusters, 2 Mud Makers, and 2 Boulder Crushers. All are melee and have unique, passive abilities.

2 Dusters
-300 HP
3 armor
20-25 dmg
(makes foe have 15% chance to miss an attack)

2 Mud Makers
-400 HP
4 armor
23-28 dmg
(makes very slow by encasing them in brown debris)

2 Boulder Crushers
-500 HP
5 armor
30-48 dmg
(15% chance to stun( for one sec.) and deal 2x damage to foe)

Mudkin Molkin moles disappear after 60 Seconds by tunneling back under ground.

OK. I have to work out some balancing issues. But my goal is to make this into a balanced tavern neutral hero. If this is too ambitious tell me. But if someone could help that would be great. I can sketch the weapon and the character as well as the skills and what not. But cannot model or program at all. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

(PS I have 2 other heroes I want to make as well...but this one is my favorite so I want to try him first.)

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Are you retarded? They make models and textures, not spells and simple hero stats. You come here from DotA forums don't you?
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So you need a texture, a model, object data, scripts, and possibly balancing? if you want I can even make a whole map for you!
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Originally Posted by TotallyAwesome
So you need a texture, a model, object data, scripts, and possibly balancing? if you want I can even make a whole map for you!

OMG! You shure a nioce parseon!

I think maybe he should just request the model? Ya kno. Settle.
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Ok, this hero seems very...Redwall-ish to me, especially some of the first names :P He really should just request the model tho.

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