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Default RegisterPlayerUnitEvent

To reduce the cumbersome amount of handles generated by registering a player unit event for each player, this system localizes it all and groups everything together.

This function is more than a wrapper for TriggerRegisterAnyUnitEventBJ, it is also the replacement.

The API is as simple as this:

Collapse JASS:
call RegisterPlayerUnitEvent(EVENT_PLAYER_UNIT_DEATH, function OnDeath)
call RegisterPlayerUnitEvent(EVENT_PLAYER_UNIT_ISSUED_ORDER, function OnOrder)

And the code is really this short:

Collapse JASS:
library RegisterPlayerUnitEvent
        private trigger array t
    function RegisterPlayerUnitEvent takes playerunitevent p, code c returns nothing
        local integer i = GetHandleId(p)
        if t[i] == null then
            set t[i] = CreateTrigger()
            call TriggerRegisterAnyUnitEventBJ(t[i], p)
        call TriggerAddCondition(t[i], Filter(c))
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