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Default How to import a custom model

Models do not have a set filepath unless you wish to replace an existing model within Warcraft.

So, as per all imports, import the model as follows:

Step 1: Get The Model.
Get the model you want to implement, I am going to implement my Lich Blademaster. You decide what model to import.

Download it, and extract the files into a folder. If the model has custom skins make sure they are in .blp format.

Step 2: Open your map

Step 3: Find the import manager

Choose the Module | Import Manager command of press F12, or click the Import Manager button:

Step 4: Import the model.

To import a file choose the File|Import file... command or press Ctrl+I or click the import file button.

It will show you a typical open file dialog. Now find the .mdx model file and select it.

If you did so correctly you will be able to see the imported file listed.

Step 5: Save the map.

Step 6: Find the path of the skin(s).

If the author has not supplied the paths for any custom skins, there are a few simple tricks to find it. The easiest way is to use the Warcraft 3 Viewer. However, if the model's textures do not extract into the correct folders this method will not work. Refer to How to: Find and edit a model's textures.

Open the Wc3viewer, choose the File | Open command and navigate to your model and open it.

Choose the Current File | Show used texture names... command or press Ctrl+I.

The Current loaded textures dialog box is displayed showing you all the texture paths:

Now you need to check what textures require importing. All the custom textures should be supplied with the model download, so you can see what needs importing. refer to step 4 to import the skins (or check the Skin import tutorial for information).

Step 7: Change the path(s) of the imported textures

Go to import manager and double click the imported .blp file. Then check Use custom path and change the path to the path of the skin as shown by the Wc3viewer.

Then press the OK button.

Step 8: Save the map

Your model should now appear in game.

Trouble shooting

No Model

This happens when textures aren't loaded. Either you are missing a texture or have specified the wrong path.

Coloured mesh
If lumps of colour (red if you placed a model for player 1 - red) appear this means your textures have an alpha corruption, thus only the team colour layer of the model is showing. You need to rebuild the texture .blp.
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