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- Try not to talk about things you don't know anything about. As far as I can tell, strength of items aren't mentioned once in this post. I don't know how exactly the items will work either, so I don't talk about it. I just trust that Karukef know what he's doing.

Actually i have no idea either how much impact items should have on a hero, we just had some dummy items for testing and such.

Having 70 heroes is never bad but it is way to hard to balance, i must say that Dota made a good job balancing them as much as he did. But we rather go for fewer but more balanced heroes. I would guess that there will be around 25-35 heroes in the final updates.

I just polished a spell i did a few weeks back, it looks uber cool i hope Karukef or Mosef could include that spell in the "movie" they are planing to make
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