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Thumbs up base building and stuff


recently I've installed AMAI (unfortunately for me, I downloaded it months ago and installed only recently), and it's best wc3 mod ever!

having bad internet connection, sometimes i lag as much as 4 sec on bnet, so playing against cpu is my reality :(

AMAI is excellent, but I have some suggestions:

1) AI base is built badly, due to bad placing of buildings. ziggurats and burrows in front, and so on. is it possible to make it build base better? or even to have predefined bulild loctaions for starting positions in most used maps? even placing first couple of buildings in correct place would have AI base (undead for example), much tougher...

2) I feel that normal computer is inferior for me, but insane with AMAI (compliments, again) is often too much... is there a way to modify amount of gold bonus for insane ai? AI can pump units at MUCH faster pace, making it very difficult to beat. Could there be setting (like choosing the language) at the beggining of game, where players could choose how big should the bonus for AI? perhaps I could give AI advantage of, like 50% more resources, to make the game more balanced? this way, insane AI has no real need to expo at all

3) insane AI is harversting lumber beyond any need. for undead (i play mostly against undead, since i found them most difficult to beat on insane), there are ghouls harvesting, even when AI has 2000+ lumber. the AI could just stop harvesting, and put ghouls in good use

4) as I understand, computer can see all of maps, he doesn't scout. yet, he often sends only hero (without units) to shop at goblin shop, when my whole army is directly next to shop. AI hero tp's in time, though...

also, one questions. does normal AI differs from insane in any way except in bonus resources? like, does it micro better, or anything?
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