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Testing the Dungeon Master Mod was an interesting experience; the unprecedented amount control you have over the game means that you will still be discovering new things to do long after you thought you had found everything. Building your own RPG game in real time, responding to unusual things your friends (or victims) might do, all to create an involving and unique experience everytime you play.

The control system took a while to pick up, and even longer to become fluent with. It is generally no trouble to figure out what to do, but the large array of options becomes the maps own enemy here, where menu after menu bombards you with choices. Once you become familiar with the system, navigation is fairly easy, but it is still difficult to do many different things in a short space of time. Some kind of 'Repeat last action' option would have been a welcome addition. The 'pointer unit' you were supposed to use to indicate where objects should be placed also seemed to behave a little oddly at times.

While the actual creation of units and the like was not always entertaining, the process of designing your own world for others to play in is most engaging. The quest system was quite suitable for custom quests, yet still allowed some basic ready-made ones to get the game going quickly. Continual nuetral creep spawning was also an option, ensuring that the game did not come to a stand still while the Dungeon Master was off creating other objects or quests for them to complete.

Overall, the Dungeon Master Mod is a well made system with capabilities beyond those of any other system I have ever seen. I fully recomend it for those who enjoy basic 'game' design or just for playing around with some friends (the interaction between game designer and players should be quite interesting), although I recomend that you practice a bit on your own before attempting to take on the Dungeon Master role, for the sake of the other players :).
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