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Idea Source code of all my work

Since my assembla repository got deleted like a year ago due to inactivity the source code for all my tools had been lost.
Luckily I found an old hard drive of mine last weekend where the repository was still checked out.

So before it gets lost again I thought I'd simply share it with everyone. Some of the highlights are:
  • BLPaletter (C++)
  • CacheConv (C#)
  • Grimex Tools (C++)
  • File Format Specs - Largely thanks to Zephyr
  • Pjass (lex/yacc/c) - Credits go to Rudi Cilibrasi
  • ReplayRemapper (C) - Hope Icefrog doesn't mind
  • SCAmp - What is this doing here?
  • Widgetizer (VB 6)

Some of the projects will have makefiles and some you will just have to use the compile.bat file to compile. For the grimex tools for example you will have to use serveral compile batch files - I'll leave the correct order as an exercise to the reader. Then you'll likely also need some of these tools:

Mingw - I used gcc/g++ from this package to compile the C/C++ projects.
Lex/Yacc - Are not included in mingw but can be obtained from if you want to build pjass.
ResourceHacker - Is used in some compile scripts to add version info to an exe, get it at
UPX - Used in some build scripts to compress the exe after building, you get it at
SCons - At least one of the projects uses this for build scripts

Unfortunately it's not the most up-to-date version of the code. The latest parts of the grim extensions are missing (mainly the code for PatchGenerator.exe which is used to generate the UMSWE patch). If anyone has downloaded the code from the old repository, please post it here. You will know it's the latest verson if it has a sub-folder called PatchGenerator.

Mirror thanks to Moyo:
Zoom (requires log in)
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