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Alright, so are you going to change to use of GOLD that it could show more then one line error or would this be a huge amount of work? I am sorry that I can't help without learning Pascal etc.
The thing about Windows is that I really never compiled any Pascal written program and I only know the gpc but it shouldn't make any difference for now since I couldn't contribute anyway.

So here are some things which would great to see in vJass:
  • add keyword "protected"
  • size-specified structures should be able to extend interfaces
  • size-specified structures should be able to extend structures with the same or a bigger size
  • one struct should be able tot extend multiple interfaces
  • constants should be usable as sizes of array struct members (maybe this doesn't work for constants from "common.j" and "Blizzard.j" only)
  • "static if" should be considered by "//! import" statements or something similar like "//! if" should be added
  • private destructors aren't private actually (useful for static structs)
  • you can not define the size of an array struct (struct bla extends array[10])
  • add better scoping rules (maybe nested libraries)
  • drop "optional" stuff and get everything done by static ifs (maybe add something like .exists() for libraries, as well)
  • text macro runs inside text macros would be great
  • maybe add stronger type casting rules for integers to structs (a JassHelper option for requiring explicit casts would be nice)
  • report errors on using TriggerSleepAction on evaluated functions (conditions as well): this helps users which do not use option [forcemethodevaluate]
  • report errors on adding functions using TriggerAddAction which are declared afterwards in code (not sure if this bug is still present)

Additionally, I have stored most links of my bug reports/feature requests (it's mostly the same like above):

Btw. I don't care about Zinc, too. Once I wanted to move to Zinc and had to revert it since Zinc support was very bugged at that time.
It would be great even if you would only support one single item of my huge list since I do still maintain my custom vJass script collection.
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