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Hey, I was just wanted to make a comment here... Even though the thread is long dead lol.

First: From what I know, no models are stolen or use stolen assets. I personally saw the step by step creation of the majority of them, back when GTW was in full swing the artists would constantly post WIPs as they were building the models to keep us motivated and to get critique. And as for the icons looking out of place in Wc3, well they were supposed to... We were creating 6 (8? lol I forget >_<) full races for the game and were replacing 99% of the game's assets, including all of the icons. There were special borders we were using for the icons, as can be seen on some of the Asteroth icons (blue), but obviously the border was lost/left behind.

Second: @Griffen I respect whatever decision you make, but I really think that more than 3 years after the 'falling' out between Wc3c and GTW your absolute loathing for TerranUp should be second to your respect for what was made under the projects name.

And Finally: I myself have an organized file (sadly on an old computer) containing most of the resources, not sure if it's the same one you have/recieved Kyrbi0 but I'll check at some point to find out.

PS: If someone has the god damn MPQ from the GTW, that would be epic.
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