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Exclamation ~Update~

Alright, I am currently uploading all the zips to the first post; this includes the models, music, and the artwork associated with it. I know this doesn't mean it will be "approved" as it's no longer a resource; just FYI.

Design Documents: Both are too large, even zipped up.
- IMG_1 contains Concepts, Loadscreens, Screenshots, Wallpapers
- IMG_2 contains 1/2 the "Art" folder
- IMG_3 contains the other 1/2 the "Art" folder
- I have decided Model Previews is too large to break up; moreoever, it's made up of screenshots of models. Just DL the models and open them up. :P
- There are 2 maps of Azeroth, one labelled one not; but both are so big I can't even Zip them up to upload them. xD
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Originally Posted by Rao Dao Zao
Will done.

Originally Posted by Rao Dao Zao
A map IS a custom MPQ. Don't sass me. If you're going to release an MPQ, release an MPQ. Don't pretend it's a map -- that shit doesn't even have a decent listfile.
Hey hey. In all honesty, I did not know that (map = MPQ).

I was serious; I literally used MPQMaster to create a second version of the "war3xlocal.mpq", filled with all the models I was testing. I replaced my regular war3xlocal.mpq with that custom one.
I have found this saves a lot of time for importing; actually, it doesn't take any time. All the models become a "part" of the game (albeit hidden from the regular drop-down list); you just have to type in the exact path in the "custom" line for model-type.

Anyway, I don't say that because I think you don't know. I was unaware of any other method, and am just clarifying. I literally made a custom MPQ, and in the map, if you have the MPQ, all the models are assigned to various units making viewing easy.

However, I couldn't upload my little custom MPQ because it was too large, even zipped up. :<
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