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Very Useful! Although I found the part about the items to be scant because they weren't held to the same analysis as the units and building. I also noted no mention of invisible units or there detection. Listed below is some observations about the items in the existing races.
  • All races has 8/9 items to purchase.
  • All races has only 2 "Tier 3" items.
  • All races has 3 "Tier 1" items.
  • All races has "Potion of Healing", "Potion of Mana" and "Scroll of Town Portal" as "Tier 2" items, however, if the race has 9 as oppose to 8 items, then they get an extra item at "Tier 2".
  • All races has an orb as one of their "Tier 3" items, that always gives +5 damage and allows melee heroes to attack air (but they also have 1 racial bonus). This was mentioned in the scant covering of the items.
  • All races except Undead has "Lesser Clarity Potion" as one of their "Tier 1" items.
  • All races except Orc has an item of which only their race can use to full potential ("Ivory Tower"; Sacrifice Skull"; "Moonstone")
  • All races except Night Elf has a healing item ("Scroll of Regeneration"; "Healing Salve"; "Scroll of healing")
  • Only Undead and Night Elf have "Dust of Appearance" / All races except for Human and Orc have "Dust of Appearance". I only mention this because every race should invisibility detection or invisibility counter method.
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