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Default Live Distortion & Mind Burst

Originally Posted by Live Distortion
Sends out souls which will steal healthpoints and leave a debuff on the target. When returning they heal the caster depending on the dealt damage.
Rank 1 - sends out 6 souls which deal 40 dmg and heal for 30%
Rank 2 - sends out 9 souls which deal 55 dmg and heal for 40%
Rank 3 - sends out 12 souls which deal 70 dmg and heal for 50%

Originally Posted by Mind Burst
Sends out two concentrated essences which will move in the target direction. On hit they deal damage, leave a mana draining debuff and if the target has mana it will also transfer a bit of it directly to the caster. Range Increases per level.
Rank 1 - 50 damage, 55 mana debuff, steals 10 mana directly
Rank 2 - 50 damage, 55 mana debuff, steals 15 mana directly
Rank 3 - 90 damage, 100 mana debuff, steals 20 mana directly


Update: v1.01
-made functions constant
-improved documention
-removed leaks in the init function
-other minor improvements of the script
-added that missiles grow after stealing hp

Update: v1.02
-changed SetUnitState to SetWidgetLife
-removed all bj_DEGTORAD as wanted

Update: v1.03
-minor bugfix due the remove of bj_DEGTORAD

Update : LD v1.04

+added Mind Burst v1.00

updated LD 1.06 , MB v1.02
-improved general scripting
-added GroupUtils
-made various changes
-reworked cofiguration block

updated LD 1.07 , MB 1.03
-made globals constant
-changed filter and removed NullFilter

updated LD 1.08 , MB 1.04
-removed dynamic dummy usage
-changed other small things

updated LD 1.08b, MB 1.04b
-removed Group Utilities due the patch
-made it 1.24 compatible

Expand Live Distortion code:

Expand Mind Burst code:
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