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Sweet, thanks.

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Three Trolls, Three Cows

Did this long time ago. Alright so I'm going to use C = Cow, and T = Troll. Each line is one trip going from side A to B
  • TC
  • C
  • TT
  • T
  • CC
  • C
  • CT
  • T
  • CT
I think that is it, too confusing in this layout. And you said "more", so hopefully equal doesn't count.

The Brothers of the Mountains

Simply ask one of the two brothers, "if I asked your brother which way to go to the other side of the mountains, what would he say?" .. Then, go to the opposite. So it's like

Lying Guy = His brother says to go to the REAL other side of the mountains, but because he lies, he says the torture, so you go to the opposite (WIN)

Truthful Guy = His brother says to go to the TORTURE place, so he says TORTURE place, you go to the opposite (WIN #2)

The Twins Who Aren't

They're triplets.

A Subtle Arrangement

IIRC, one is slightly steeper than the other. Otherwise I have no idea.

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