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The Brothers Of The Mountains
You're an explorer and there's a lengthy road ahead of you, massive mountains dawn themselves onto the road. You come across a fork in the road and there's a brother standing left and right, at each path. One of them leads to lengthy, tormenting torture and death. One of them leads to the other side of the mountains.

There is a post between them that says...
One of us ALWAYS tells lies.
One of us ALWAYS tells the truth.
One question is all you have.

Getting past the perilous roads and to the safer side, what do you ask the brothers?
Before asking for help with triggers... read this and check your trigger!

If you're having troubles getting help on WC3C or anywhere at all, please have a look at...
The WRONG way to ask for help and The CORRECT way to ask for help.

Originally Posted by Alevice
You may never stop our bioweapon! We mexicans shall rule the third world! Mwahahahahahahaha!
Please acknowledge that I use Mac and avoid suggesting vJass and other tools that don't work on it. Thank you.
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