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Originally Posted by Mc !
Originally made for Hero Contest #4, this new technology provides our little fiendishly evil goblin a nice way of moving around when not on his robot... It contains two little machineguns, just for self defense. (And for blowing up stuff)

Attachment 47753Attachment 47754

Of course a normal goblin decided it would be a good idea to have one too, so... he built one...

Attachment 47755Attachment 47756

No custom textures were used in either models.

Ok, so, I'd recommend you use the same unit data as the Flying Machine, for his attack to look well. If you want it to hover and act as a ground unit, you can set his flrying height to 100.

You can do whatever you want with these models as long as you give credit. Enjoy!

Also, if you wish, get the same goblin on a robot that throws fire

Can you reupload, .zip is not working. Please.
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