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Question Triggerer with GUI/JASS needed + SFX Modder

Hello and Happy New Year. I just joined today, and i'm looking for a someone who can make triggers for my map and some AoE SFX model for abilities. My map is based on AoS. The map i'm trying to achieve is based on tomes of stats like old AoS. Players can buy units with wood and attach them with creep spawn system. Creeps/Towers/Barracks gets auto upgraded(Dmg/Hp/Armor) To make sure creeps not always win. I plan to make hero abilities boosted by their attributes. I have currently have ability called Regrowth. Heals instant a friendly target and additional heal over time. Healing done is increased depends on caster strength. PM me for details and i hope there is a brave soul that can help me. I only miss triggers.
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