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Veev will become famous soon enough (63)Veev will become famous soon enough (63)Veev will become famous soon enough (63)


The Grim Rider's learn tooltip for "Aura of Decay" contains the typo decrases. Forgot to check the tooltip of the spell once learned, though.

Call of Thunder's Paralyze debuff has a green icon on the effected unit.

Casting Decripfy on a unit just as it dies causes the missile to never collide. It keeps travelling until it reaches the corner of the map, where it then stays there for who knows how long. It was there for 2 minutes and after that I stopped waiting...

Both the Decripfy and the AoE damage from the Archon can affect your own units (and maybe allies?). Intended? If it's intended... I say it shouldn't be. 255 AoE damage from overload will wipe out your own units faster than the enemy, and the Archon can't tank damage so sending him in alone is a suicide mission. But, I am bad at war3 melee so what do I know.
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