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These is very nice information. Teaching how to creating a Desktop icon would be quite silly, specially because when you install the game it always asks "Do you want a Desktop Icon?"
However the shortcut for the terminal and the bin/bash thing are very cool, I always wanted to learn how to do stuff like that, and every time I see it, I confess it is a pleasure.

I will run the tests about your tips later.
If I add a section about this stuff, you will be in credits.

Now I must find out a way of doing proper codes in Linux, especially having in mind that WE doesn't seem to work at all with WINE ...

I already have the highlighter done (using Gedit or Kate), so my next step would be to teach people how to use it with JassHelper and the terminal, or even better, make a small application that could incorporate Gedit or Kate, but adding an extra button to call JassHelper...
I don't know how to do such things, but let's see it time likes me enough to do it.

Btw, thx for the feedback ! rep++


Ok guys, another updated, I added a new section, special credits go to Hans_Maulwurf, thx for the help.
Waiting more comments =P
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