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You might like to tell people how to create a (Desktop)Icon:

1) Open your fav texteditor and copy the following (ajust paths):
cd /media/Windows/Program\ Files/Warcraft\ III
wine war3.exe -opengl
2) save it with any name you prefer (you dont need any special ending like .txt) in the folder /usr/local/bin (requires sudo - you dont have to save it in that folder, but when you do so, you will be able to run it from every place, without moving to the folder you saved it, using cd first)
3) make it executable:
sudo chmod +x YOUR_FILENAME
cd /usr/local/bin
sudo chmod +x wc3

Now you may start wc3 by just writing wc3 (Or create a new applicationstarter on your desktop/panel and set the command to wc3)

another nice thing to know is, that you can use autocompletion in the shell by pressing TAB

eg: when your in your Warcraft III/Maps folder and you type: "cd Do" and press TAB, it will automatically complete to "cd Download" (if you dont have any other thing there, starting with Do. In that case you can double TAB to get all matches displayed)

Oh and when you got problems with Alt+Tabing out and into Warcraft, you can use a second xserver using xinit and switch between wc3 and your desktop with ctrl+alt+F7/F8
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