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OOOokkkk ... I see lot's of new posts, which means people are interested, and that motivates me xD

- I will see what I can do. I have this rule for myself: before adding anything to a tutorial I must tried it first. So, I will not add your tips before I test them. You may find it silly, but this is the only way I know how to make things.
More news coming soon. And don't worry, your name will be on credits, you can be sure of that!

- WINE is not an emulator !? OMG, now I understand WINE's slogan better =P
- My idea is to tell people they can run almost any windows application using WINE. If somehow I pass the idea that WINE is specific for games, please tell me where I do that, so I can fix it.
- I placed the wrong official site, thx for noticing that xD
- So, WINE's official bug tracker lacks credibility ? That is odd ...
- About, I don't get where PipeDream said how to fix it mmmm I saw him saying I might get the melee games screwed, I even made a post talking about it ... I don't think I missed anything =S

So guys, I have some exams, but I will update this when I can.

For now the next version will:
- Have a mini-section saying that you don't need partition
- Have a few lines talking about Cedega
- Have a credits section
- Have a fix for the websites

Also, I already started making a few questions to JassHelper thread, with some luck I will not be a newb and I will understand how to run JassHelper without JNGP. =P
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