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Originally Posted by Sunwarrior25
I just found out today, that you can add the AI to the map without doing most of the export stuff. Just click 'File > Add to map' and specify what path you want it to be. It'll add the AI to whatever map is open in the WE. Still, if all you need is the .ai file, then just delete the .wai file that appears as normal...

Just thought I'd post that bit of info. It's still a smart Idea to save the map, in case you need to change something later. (I dunno, is it possible to do what I just said in... say... 1.21?)

Ha! I got so accustomed to "no new replies" for this thread that I didn't check it in a while, sorry...

And... funny, I never ever seen that command (yes, it works on 1.21b), but it seems it imports the AI Data (.wai file), so I won't suggest that. If someone wants to use it, it's in the AI Editor anyway. :P

BTW, thanks for the new! :)

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