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Hello there moyack, I read your guide about creating an AI using JASS and I followed the instructions to create a very simple AI.
Unfortunately, I have experienced several problems when trying to implement the AI:
1. When the AI is saved in JASSCraft it produces a .ai file however I have no idea how to use this in the World Editor.
2. Trying to implement the AI using the Import Manager has disabled all of my triggers from working and rendered the map unable to load - it just opens Warcraft III TFT instead of the map when I click 'Test Map' (CTRL+F9)
3. The triggers are disabled because of 28 script errors that my AI script has and another 7 which my triggers have: Which worked fine but for some reason when I converted one trigger into script it now thinks all of my triggers are scripts.
If you can help me sort this I would be incredibly grateful, I really do not want to have to start my Campaign Map again!
Thanks in advance,
Jack. :)

NEW STUFF: I have saved my map! I simply copied it and removed all the triggers so there is no AI and no triggers. I then re-made all of the triggers again so it's all good now. BUT I still need to get a good AI working (I have written the code in JASSCraft and I'm not sure it's 100% correct :P )
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