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Default Custom Menu Background in wc3

Custom Menu Background in wc3



I was just looking through my folders and stumbled over this unfinished tutorial I once started. So I wanted to finish it and post it here.
This tutorial is about changing or replacing the backround of your main menu in Warcraft III TFT or ROC (doesn't matter, you can change both). Exactly what I mean is the "frozen throne on the background" or "attacked country"(in ROC). We're going to change TFT background.

Required Tools:


Step 1:

Install and open WinMPQ. Press File and Open [Ctrl + O].

Zoom (requires log in)

Step 2:

Find the file war3x.mpq in your Warcraft III directory and open it.

Zoom (requires log in)

Step 3:

Find the file MainMenu3d_exp.mdx in list of files. The exact path is UI\Glues\MainMenu\MainMenu3d_exp\MainMenu3d_exp.mdx. Right click on the file and Rename (we are doing this in possibility that you will want to change the backround back or as a simple backup, is good if you keep the old name, because you will need it in one of the last steps). I added there -ORIGINAL. Exactly to this one: UI\Glues\MainMenu\MainMenu3d_exp\MainMenu3d_exp-ORIGINAL.mdx.

Zoom (requires log in)

Step 4:

Here comes the fun part - What background to choose? You are able to add any background from the campaigns of Warcraft III TFT or ROC. Also, you can add the background from ROC to TFT (here you must go to war3.mpq and extract the background from there). I chose "Campaign for Undeads" in TFT (Arthas with frostmourne standing on ground). The paths of Campaign's backgrounds are UI\Glues\SinglePlayer\RACE_exp\RACE_exp.mdx and UI\Glues\SinglePlayer\RACE\RACE.mdx for ROC (war3.mpq). Don't be confused with the many files in the directory, just find one with a .mdx suffix. Mine is UI\Glues\SinglePlayer\Undead3D_Exp\Undead3D_Exp.mdx. Extract it to anywhere.

Zoom (requires log in)

Step 5:

Press MPQ and Add [Ctrl + A]. Find your extracted file, mine is Undead3D_Exp.mdx. And press Open. Now it will ask you what path to the file you want to add. Add there the exact path what we had as normal background: UI\Glues\MainMenu\MainMenu3d_exp\MainMenu3d_exp.mdx. And press OK.

Zoom (requires log in)

Step 6:

Now the file with the name UI\Glues\MainMenu\MainMenu3d_exp\MainMenu3d_exp.mdxUndead3D_Exp.mdx will appear. We must change the name of it by removing the part, exactly: Undead3D_Exp.mdx, so the result will be: UI\Glues\MainMenu\MainMenu3d_exp\MainMenu3d_exp.mdx. Now simply exit WinMPQ. You can delete your extracted file.

Zoom (requires log in)


Zoom (requires log in)

That's all! Now you can check your new background out.
Sorry for my poor English.
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