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Default (12) Elimination 3.1 [Pre-1.24]

Elimination is a shooter tactics map, where players use various items and weapons to eliminate their enemies.

There are four modes in the map:

Assault (team):
Two teams spawn on different sides of a fortress. The team that has most players inside this fortress controls it, and will recieve points every few seconds as long as they are in control. The goal is to hold the fortress untill the team has gathered enough points.

Flag Fight (team):
Uses the same terrain as Assault, but instead of capturing the fortress the goal is to capture flags from the enemy base. There are 3 flags in each base, and they all need to be captured to win the game.

Deathmatch (free for all): The usual kill-all-enemies mode. Weapons and items randomly spawn as you play, and the player with most kills after a set amount of time wins the game.

Rabbit (free for all): Hold the rabbit for as long as possible, while all other players chase you around the map, trying to get their hands on the rabbit. The first player to have held the rabbit for a set amount of time wins the game!

There are a total of 10 weapons and around 20-30 items in this version. Weapons are sorted into two categories: Primary and secondary. You can have one primary and one secondary at the time, and they have to be reloaded seperately.

The weapons need to be aimed at the enemy in different ways, depending on what weapon it is. The sniper rifle, for example, fire a fast long range bullet toward the targeted location. The first unit to hit the bullet will take alot of damage. Another example is the shrapnel gun. This weapon fires a group of shells into the air, that lands in a line at the target location.

This map requires a few minutes to learn, therefor playing with random people on is hard since most players leave if they don't start having fun within 30 seconds. So please take the time to learn the game before judging it :)

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