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Well, I suppose some brainstorming would be good.

Ideas and as stated above months ago ;p, I hope I'm not repeating.

A fork in the road

Terrains about paths to take. The path on the left or the on the right? I assume each path would differ greatly for emphasis.

Tower in the Sky

Giant buildings that reach for the sky :o.

Hidden Village

You've seen them in the movies...(maybe)... All those small or giant villages hidden away somewhere. Huts in the trees or hovels in the caves, either I guess. A lot could be done with this in certain tilesets.

Throne Room

Says a lot about a king sitting on the throne. Make a throne room, an exampe would be that of Arthas' father. He has a throne surrounded by balconies that his council resides in.

Life and Death

I suppose a border between life and death. A graveyard with dirt and trash on the edge of a bustling, beautiful city.

Just Around The Riverbend

Pocahontas reference! :o. A giant forest and a winding river. This could be interpreted in many ways... Whats lying around that corner? I... I don't think it safe here! lolreferencelol. BUTCHER.

Just Over The Horizon

Another 'just' thing. It could be salvation over the hills or a sun setting down on us. Maybe even our doom. Up to you :o.

The Not So Perfect Perfect House!

It's been done in some of the movies I've seen. The very perfect place with a very dirty secret...

Just some Ideas but I've got a lot more hopefully, just a bit tired. Hope you find these cool for terraining, I look forward for the next WT I'm going to really try HARRDDDD lol.
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