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Originally Posted by eGust
alright, i already fixed that multi-line string highlight bug in, but didn't fix the par's display bug as:
s = ("blablabla
blablabla"|)  //this '|' is the cursor, the left-par will not be colored
my new syntax has a new construct:
- IncludeList : the files as c.j, b.j,
- ProjectList : ProjectFiles({w3m/w3m\blizzard.j}, or castersystem
- UsedList : actual files to do display or syntax check
- something else
so i must write a new synhighlighter to display different highlight easy.

The synhighlighter should not have any info about Jass Natives. It will just fetch it from TJassLib. I will send you my version of highlight when you get on MSNM. (Never....)
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