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This is a great tool, and the potential behind it is awesome. However, I have some comments that might help you improve it. I don't know WHY these errors occur, but they did.

I checked units, doodads, and destructibles, and ran the program.

All doodads with custom models turned into a big green box, IE their model got scrambled or blanked. Most destructibles, notably bridges, doors, and destructibles with custom models turned into boxes too. Some buffs got their icons turned into the Sammy! Shovelere.blp as well as had their tooltip's blanked. This left me unable to widgetize doodads, destructibles, and buffs.

Abilities are FINE, and you did a great job optimizing those, abilities Widgetized alone helps the map alot. They could be even smaller though, like posted above.

Additionally, any and all attempts to use Lord Vexorian's 2.7 after Widgetizing caused Lord Vexorian's to crash while it was working.

Using the Widgetizer AFTER running Lord Vexorian's works, but causes even more problems.

Note that I am aware that the usefulness of your tool SHOULD NEVER be measured on how compatible it is with Lord Vexorian's Optimizer, since your Widgetizer is a separate tool, but I am just pointing these things out, as I know less sensitive people won't care and will just put it down the moment Lord Vexorian's doesn't work on it.

Honestly, this program is the awenser to ALL problems in ANY custom map. This will easily be the best program ever made for wc3 maps, once it's in working order.

With just abilities, units, and destructibles (despite the bugs) it reduced load-time on Megalith (a mid-load time map) to about 5 seconds. That's amazing in my opinion.
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