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Default Chaos Warrior

Final version


Zoom (requires log in) Zoom (requires log in) Zoom (requires log in)

The skin is not complete in my mind, but adequate for now.

Warrior Warrior.mdx - final model.
Warrior.blp -texture

The majority of this model was sctrath built by Whitehorn.
The model was tweaked and finalised by Chriz (portrait, camera, corpse, anim properties).
Andy made the helmet (taken with permission from another model). It's simple, but I felt ne need to remake it.
The axe and shield in the final version were taken from WOW by pure laziness.
The texture is 90% original work by Whitehorn. The fleshy arm texture is from the Beastmaster in its current version.
The animations are based on the Orc Grunt, with significant edits to suit the mesh and composition, plus some original animations - such as shield bash.

Version 1.5 card

Zoom (requires log in)

Texture and posed

Zoom (requires log in)

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