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Nice. :) Many new towers, though nothing fundamentally changed, but I don't think that was your purpose.

I've got a bug report, and a comment.

First of all the bug. The flesh golems did weird for me. Normally they get big after a while, but that only happened with one of them (I had two), the second one sometimes 'flickered' size, but mainly kept on being small. He almost always had some buffs, maybe they're causing it?

Secondly the comment, I didn't build many summoning towers, so I don't know if it's the case with other ones, but the minion summoning tower didn't have a rally point, which is quite annoying. :p I actually always disliked summoning things, cuz they're not really totally 'passive'. You still have to tell your summoned units to get to the right place, which shouldn't be something to waste your time on with a TD. I don't think that can be solved though. But the rally point would be a big help.

Edit: Oh yeh, where did the very nice loading screen go? :p
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