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1: you could delete profiles so you only have the 2 profiles desired in the list. You could export all the profiles first so u can import,export and delete profiles when required. You can't lock currently to multiple profiles. You can only lock to the one profile so i can't see any other way to do this. You would require jassing and changing the profile selection code.

2: You could make a strategy thats got a ridicously high priority so it gets chosen near always after the starting strategy times out. Its difficult to make it only choose a certain particular strategy after the second though due to the random element in choice. But technically AMAI should only choose a strategy than has higher priority than its current so if you dont use the bonus strengths and only use base priorities of strategies it should work as you require.

1 problem though: all the strategies above the current priorty have a chance to be chosen so would require something more complicated to make work. Maybe u could use the strengthpredictionrules to try and ensure a certain strategy is chosen at that point in time.
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