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another few questions

a.i players randomly chosen:
1- is it possible to make sure that only 2 specific a.i profiles are used in the map without using a work-around (make multiple profiles that represent the same one) using the tool? -this is for a 1v1 map.

2- would it be possible to somehow make sure that an a.i uses strategy x till time y(example: 320 seconds after the game started) and then changes to strategy z which continues to time k (I know its possible to make sure it uses the first strategy for min y time), or would I need to edit jass code to do this?

about sc2, Im sure the a.i coding will be be based on wc3 language wise, as in they will use jass or an improved jass (more options, natives) or something new which is based on what they learnt from jass. The A.I will also be actually programmed to play more like an sc a.i (expanding ect), although hopefully much better, even better than the BW AI project.

thanks in advance.
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