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Well this is what i thought anout this. The PROS were 1. I pretty liked the story, auctually the only reason i auctually played was because of the STORY. 2. The models were excellent and went with the game. 3. I really liked the scorpion level were you were on the water and you were on the scopion and shot lightning bolts. Except make the lightning go faster, it kinda has a cooldown. The CONS were 1. REALLY REPEATATIVE, like you finnaly get to the end of the hill and then she says "oh, i frgot sumthing" then u have to go down the hill (10 mins) get the thing, then go to the hill again(another 10 mins.) 2. No custom spells, the only custom ones were the lock on lightning and i think another one(dont remember). 3. You always have the SAME chahracter with the SAME abilities. It gets kind of boring. You only get to use bout 1-2 other chars and even THEY dont have CUSTOM skills. 4. Not even custom items......5.I merely kept playing cause i wanted to see what happens next. 6. The game is a little hard and confusing. 7. You can't even skip the cinematic, and it exceptionally boring of you die and you have to WATCH it AGAIN. 8. DO i have to say any MORE?!?!
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