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Originally Posted by erwtenpeller
This skin does, in no way, come even close to the stunning quality of jacinthes skin. I dont think any skin ever has.

To Anti: Its looking good, but i dont have much to say about it. Its overall fantastic quality, but it seems reather random, i cant find a good concept behind it. Also, allthough the quality is superb, i dont think this will look verry good in-game, the shoulders might blur a lot.

To Denu: I like the previous shoulders better, but with this breastplate you could create an awesome classic spanish atmosphere.


Agreed. But im curious as to what you yourself would suggest i should improve on for this skin. What do you see that i could have done better?

And no im not being sarcastic about that jacinthe thing as she is the best wc3 skinner of all time and i believe will stay at that spot for quite awhile.
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