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Good stuffs :
- I really really really loved those creature models
- Nice cinematics, sadly the word go so fast as i have no time sight seeing the cool enviroment in the cinematics
- Overall good story line, thought it is outdated stuff as said by Mythrius about those *long ago* bla bla *a kingdom* bla bla

Poor stuffs :
- EXTREAMLY boring... the first mission i died few times, and it starting to freak me off and just typed whosyourdaddy
- Really lack of works on the main heroes, for almost 10 campaign mission, we use the same old tard over and over and over again... also, the items are from wc3, which is... nothing new...
- On the middle of playing, i was thinking : "wtf im playing ?"


well it is kinda sad with all those good models it turn out to be a boring game overall...
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