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Thank you for the opinions, I'll try to respond as best I can below.

(I want to say that I've never played WarII)

This will provide you with a view at all the statistical data of WCII.

I suggest to implement an AI (probably because I love making AI), I think that it's useful because is a good way to show to a noob in your map the strategies that he or she can use.

I couldn't agree more, but I simply can't do AI... My only attempt at it broke the Orc AI... perhaps you would help?

Tauren Chieftain?? I think the model could be changed by an ogre, it fits better.

Tauren were actually one of the biggest issues I had with the maps. They are really the replacements for Ogres, so I removed the regular Tuaren. The hero and magical version I kept because I though they were unique, but I think I will change the hero to an Ogre.

The advanced peons is an idea that I liked a lot

I would have liked to have the "advanced build" button on the same worker like in WCII, but this works out well.

One idea is to add extended information about the hero abilities so, before select a hero, the player will have the oportunity to know how are those abilities and make the right selection.

Well I'm not sure how I would do this, the hero selection is supposed to be a concise a description so the player doesn't waste time. I'll try and think of a way though.

the non naval version should be a map less messy. the terrain was pretty good intead.

Yes the terrian of the non naval was not done by me, so there was much more time spent on it I think.
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