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Default GetItemCostById

Edit: Version 1.1 Adds lumber cost getting magic.

This is a demo map to show off my work around to get an item's cost.

Picking up an item will cause a text message to appear with its name, and the items cost, after which the item is destroyed.

| What is this map for?
|function GetItemCostById takes integer id,boolean whichtype returns integer |

As the name suggests, given an item id, it will get its cost.
When whichtype is true it returns gold, otherwise lumber
This is for me a very seeked functionality, so I'm very happy.
This is very effecient, and about as customizable as a standalone function gets.

Implementation is very easy:
1) Create a gamecache variable called gc
2) Copy the trigger GetItemCostById to your map.

That is it. If you can get Jesp Spells to work this function shouldn't be that hard!

|How does it work?

It makes a shop and a hero for player 15, and places them outside of the viewable map area.
When called with an id
1) I check in gamecache if I already stored the item's cost, if I did I return it.
2) Otherwise I add 50,000 gold and lumber to player 15's gold
3) Then I add the item's id to the shop
4) I order the hero to buy the item
5) I figure out how much the item cost, by doing 50,000-Current gold/lumber for player 15
6) I cache the cost
7) I destroy the item, and remove it from the stock of the shop
8) I return the cost

1.1 Added support to get an items lumber cost. Made the code a bit cleaner.


cohadar has updated this function to use the new vJASS syntax and has fixed a bug when both lumber and gold cost were 0. Thanks to him we have a new version (which uses Vexorian's Table):
Collapse JASS:
//  vJASS version of weaaddar's GetItemCostById system
//  * Uses Table system
//  * Fixed an issue that could happen if item cost was zero for both gold and lumber
//  * This version is compatible with original one
//  * Added some helper functions: GetItemGoldCost, GetItemLumberCost, GetItemGoldCostById, GetItemLumberCostById
library GetItemCostById initializer Init uses Table

    private constant player  BuyerPlayer = Player(15)
    private constant integer BuyerTypeId = 'hpal'
    private constant integer ShopTypeId = 'nshe'
    private constant integer MAX_PRICE = 50000
    // check Init function
    private Table GoldPrice = 0
    private Table LumberPrice = 0
    private unit Buyer = null
    private unit Shop = null

//  whichtype == true --> gold
//  whichtype == false --> lumber
function GetItemCostById takes integer id, boolean whichtype returns integer
    local integer gold
    local integer lumber

    if GoldPrice.exists(id) then
        set gold = GoldPrice[id]
        set lumber = LumberPrice[id]
        call SetPlayerState(BuyerPlayer, PLAYER_STATE_RESOURCE_GOLD,   MAX_PRICE)
        call SetPlayerState(BuyerPlayer, PLAYER_STATE_RESOURCE_LUMBER, MAX_PRICE)
        call AddItemToStock(Shop, id, 1, 1)
        call IssueNeutralImmediateOrderById(BuyerPlayer, Shop, id)
        call RemoveItem(UnitItemInSlot(Buyer, 0))
        call RemoveItemFromStock(Shop, id)
        set gold   = MAX_PRICE - GetPlayerState(BuyerPlayer, PLAYER_STATE_RESOURCE_GOLD)
        set lumber = MAX_PRICE - GetPlayerState(BuyerPlayer, PLAYER_STATE_RESOURCE_LUMBER)
        set GoldPrice[id] = gold
        set LumberPrice[id] = lumber
    if whichtype then
        return gold
        return lumber

function GetItemGoldCost takes item i returns integer
    return GetItemCostById(GetItemTypeId(i), true)

function GetItemLumberCost takes item i returns integer
    return GetItemCostById(GetItemTypeId(i), false)

function GetItemGoldCostById takes integer id returns integer
    return GetItemCostById(id, true)

function GetItemLumberCostById takes integer id returns integer
    return GetItemCostById(id, false)

private function Init takes nothing returns nothing
    local rect r = GetWorldBounds()
    set Buyer = CreateUnit(BuyerPlayer, BuyerTypeId, 0, 0, 0)
    call SetUnitX(Buyer, GetRectMaxX(r))
    call SetUnitY(Buyer, GetRectMaxY(r))
    set Shop = CreateUnit(BuyerPlayer, ShopTypeId, 0, 0, 0)
    call SetUnitX(Shop,GetRectMaxX(r))
    call SetUnitY(Shop,GetRectMaxY(r))
    call UnitAddAbility(Shop, 'Asid')
    call UnitRemoveAbility(Shop, 'Awan')
    call UnitAddAbility(Shop, 'Aloc')

    set GoldPrice = Table.create()
    set LumberPrice = Table.create()
    call RemoveRect(r)
    set r = null

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