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Missing You All at Wc3c
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Approved Map: PiratesSpell making session 3 winner


As some of you are aware we have IRC chat rooms available for use; #wc3dev, #wc3c, and #wc3art. Although there is quite a bit of traffic through these channels we felt it would be nice to provide those in the community who are unfamiliar with IRC chat clients with an opportunity to chat in these channels. Via the Java client (Sorry, Java is the best solution in this case) found here, you can connect to our server and participate in our channel’s discussions. All I ask that you please read these rules before chatting.

Remember, if your firewall, security software, or anything complains about an unsigned certificate, just click OK. It’s perfectly safe, I just do not want to pay $200 a year to make those pop-ups go away. (To get personally made applets signed it can cost up to $200)

Also I would like to thank PitzerMike for all his hard work on making the bot more user-friendly and Wc3Campaigns suited.

Side Note: For those of you who have already been using our IRC channels, please update your channels. #wc3campaigns has migrated to a new channel #wc3c. Thank you.
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