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I'm sorry for having to be the one to crush your hopes again, but TIM TOLD ME TO REVIEW THIS!

Personally, I'm not too fond on one player maps to start with, but I let that aside and really wanted to play this one to be able to write an honest review. And I did, here's how it went:

- Opening scene. I thought to myself "hey, that's some nice opening music." I didn't like the actual scene because I could see the edge of the map, and that doesn't make a water scene pretty at all.

- The music wouldn't stop. I thought to myself "Dear God, I know I've been a bad boy, but PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!". I frantically tried ctrl + m, alt + m, turning the music off from the options, nothing worked. It was really killing my brain cells, so I had to turn the entire sound off.

- Lord Kirby. Honestly, what the hell? Kirby is the worst name you could've chosen for a lord. (>'.'> <( )> <'.'<) ^'.'<) <( )^ (>'.'^ <('.')> ^('.')> <('.')^ <('.')> v('.')^ v('.')> ^('.')v <('.')^ ^( )^ ^( )> (>'.'> (>'.'> <( )> REALLY!!!!

- This was probably intentional, but I didn't find it one bit funny/interesting/nice/innovative. I received the "defend your base" quest. All nice and exciting, I thought it was finally starting to get interesting. No such luck. My units got teleported into the water, I quickly built defense towers, the attackers went straight by them, detonating themselves upon reaching the main building I had to protect. At this point I was pissed and alt-tabbed for 2 minutes. Upon returning to the game, I had lost. Those damn kamikaze terrorists.

By the way, I hope no one will mind, I saw in your last map that you are fond on UT2K4 sounds. I decided to make you a surprise and post my decision in MP3 format. Enjoy! :)
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