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Thanks for all the great comments!

Shop location was something that caused a few problems, especially when you're wading through the jungle. I tried to implement a lot of "easy backtrack" shortcuts that should help in the latter half of the map. Unfortunately, the early areas are pretty precariously balanced and although I wanted to toss another shop in there somewhere, I couldn't find a good place to do so.

I've updated the file again with some (hopefully final) fixes and tweaks:

Update 2/14/06
  • Sinner's Blade (level two Dirty Blade for the Swashbuckler) now upgrades correctly
  • Ragpicker should no longer sell items through walls
  • Final Bosses have slightly increased Armor and HP Regeneration
  • Monsters in the final area have slightly more HP and give slightly more gold
  • The codes for the extra difficulty modes have been clarified
  • Slightly increased the sale value of some garden items (which can also be found on bosses)
  • Greatly increased the sale value of some of the rarer garden items (which are made through the garden only)
  • The Skyknight's Form of Wind ability should now always deal the intended damage
  • Slightly increased the range of the Skyknight's Wind Gate and the speed granted by his boots... send him on shop runs!
  • Clarified that the Feral Diabolist's Carrion Beast has 'pack mule' slots... send him to the Garden with raw materials!
  • Enabled the Carrion Beast to use the Garden... this bug has a green thumb (foreleg?)!
  • Cut the "Crumb" area out of the Bearport cycle to facilitate access to the important areas.
  • Fixed the Swashbuckler's Cunning Distraction ability to properly sleep his enemies.
  • Added an extra message to the second difficulty challenge... send me replays with your best completion times!
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