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Welp, that stinks. Quite ironically, I managed to get an archive of this whole topic... But nothing in the last year (how does a year go by without me archiving? I'm losing my touch).

(Un)Fortunately, since nothing really happens around here, we didn't miss much, although what is gone will be sorely missed. I believe there was a conversation of decent length between me and Deolrin about towers & such (still have the cruddy MSPaint drawings to prove it), as well as some WIPs on that delicious 'Troll Dino-Rider'.

(Feel free to rectify this, AR or Deolrin, by posting more WIPs to fill the void. xD)

In the mean-time, I'm en-meshed in school. Actually managed to open WE recently; I'll be testing the Pandaren Brewmaster's Storm, Earth, and Fire ability for use in several different applications:
- Use as a limited "Controlled Summon" concept for Goblins (summons summoned units & the original summoner, but invulnerable & immobile (ala Pokemon Trainer from Super Smash Bros Brawl)
- Use as a defensive/tactical "Soul Cage" entrapment spell (since it summons X units in a perfect circle around casting point, could feasibly have a "Defender" unit that can split himself into a giant ring of "wall" units that entrap & isolate a section of the battlefield)
- Use as an evasive/tactical "Dodge/Leap" spell (causes the casting unit to jump out, dodging attacks & moving positions)

The latter is a possible thought for the Trolls. Still having problems, though (with one summon, the SEF ability consistently picks one direction to go. Weird.)


So, things are going. Slow as molasses, but going nonetheless. :P
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