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For some reasons i didn't saw the documentation, neither #define, my bad.

Anyway, unless a space " " is a valid first character for a #define i fail to see how to define RemoveUnit, without breaking other functions such as GroupRemoveUnit.
Or maybe defines will work as intented without the need of a space, i can't test it now.

Same for this :

    #define ...


I can't even use the tool in command line before jasshelper to remove comments, since it will also remove all external commands (//!...)

Also, i have not tried yet but i'm stll wondering if strings "..." are affected by the defines.
And also not tested, but i suppose you handle requirements (library A requires B, scopes, ...) before doing any defines, else that wouldn't work that much.

Anyway thx for this and jasshelper, i had almost no interest in wc3 modding but you gave me some.
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