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Since I often see comments that imply that AutoIndex is incompatible with other indexing systems (I'm not saying you think that, but it is one possible interpretation of your words), I would like to take this opportunity to point out that AutoIndex can be configured to use a table instead of unit user data, so there's nothing preventing people from using it even if they are already using another indexing system.

I've always thought there was a clash between such systems, so I guess that's handy information.

Not on initialization, it's done whenever a unit enters the map, which is still negligible.

Oops, my bad, yeah, I meant on entering map.

I actually realised that R2I(255 /*(100 for alpha)*/ * I2R(max) * 0.01) is incorrect. It should actually be R2I(percentage * 2.55). However you've decided to keep it as PercentTo255, I just wanted to correct myself :)


You could still change those PercentTo255 calls to PercentToInt( percentage, 255 ). That's one less call :)


What is the effect this system can have when trying to modify the vertex colour of a unit to only one player? For example, making a unit's alpha zero for all players except one.
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