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Default The Black Road 1.35a

The old TBR series has been revived, and we now proudly present you the new version. This release is majorly fueled by these three Important people here, so be sure to thank them.

- Kysoto (He spent all month to get this working and project leader)
- Idontneedaname (Also spent all month to get this working and if you see anything cool with the spells _thank_ him)
- exodium (Original project leader but Kysoto magically took over somehow)

Credit also goes out to the testers for making this release as bug free as possible, and helping maintain the quality standard of TBR.


Style: Chief of Europe
Mind_Gazer: Chief of West
GurkenKinG: Chief of East
Computer(Evil): Significant contributions such as pretty tooltips
Av3n: Chief of Development
DrewDude: Chief of Keeping Forums up

Changelog 1.35

fixed most of the memory leaks
cleric set lag bug
fixed olly regalia set bonus's
blackfire & searing flame bank bug
fixed hera's blessing giving retarded mana regen to KC
added UY of str and agi BB of str and agi and magefire ring of int to the drop dupes list.
fixed the full heal giving mana regen.
fixed barb reg bug
fixed the mage glitch
fixed the bank load cheat
added in a -info command toget your current spell damage spell healing and movespeed
fixed ura dying in the air and no drops.
fixed teleporting to gaea from ura
fixed boots of marathon teleporting your bank to the middle of town.
fixed chim resets
fixed sins not bein able to upgrade there skills
enabled a quest that was in the game but not in use.
fixed issues where gaea ura and occy dont drop items.
warlock reg doesnt proc on anything but lock spells now
fixed soul drain
fixed the multiboard
fixed the items rebinding to other people
made the searing flame proc stun now
cant lure hydra into athans anymore
fixed blackfire/searing flame not giving the % heal bonus
fixed elixirs not givin the correct amount of spell damage and spell healing
fixed call lightning
fixed the burning hand description in the crafting menu
fixed bright and dark lance tooltips
fixed lesser healing craft button giving lesser power
fixed aphrodites favor needing 5 SoH and using 4 now only needs 4 (and fixed the tooltip for it.)
fixed the issue with locks gettin stuck on deathwave when more then one casts it.
fixed the gon spell cataclysm using more mana then it says.
fixed the sphinx lure, increased the time between spawns for 8s to 12s removed the mages so now if a mage woulda been spawned nothing spawns
fixed the pathing problem into the tuskars area
fixed spam spells on the ice anymore
cant hold level 200 items in your bank unless you are level 200 anymore
fixed frost chain not being able to target bosses
rewrote tremor so that it can give its 50% spelldamage on a 15% chance
TONS of trigger optimization
Color coding for items like green power stones ect.

1.35a changelog

Changelog for 1.35a:

* Fixed Aphrodite's Favor
* Reworked SW's Valor
* Valor now has a new animation for both the SW and the affected units
* Throw Javelin now adds 2(3) times your strength plus your spelldmg
* Druid's rejuvenation fixed
* Cleric's regen fixed
* Cleric's regalia heal fixed
* New Assassin model
* New Warlock skin
* Fixed Earth Shock
* Changed Cleric's revive animation
* Moved Sludge Oil quest to Aeson
* Sludge Oil quest now states the correct rewards
* Added a level 30 requirement for Gem of Apollo
* Nerfed lightsbane's heal a bit
* fixed the bug where you can chase serious out of athans - ky

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