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I want my rep back! asap
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Default High-Res Doodad Pack

I was asked to release some of my older models...
They where made for a project called Neratia, which you can see screenshots of in the attachments!

Its a total of 103 models, mostly architectural...

As sc2 is emerging this project got to a total halt (well, it lay around for more than a year now either way, but now its really dead!)

So please dont be too harsh on crits :P
I know I am on your's all, but I was too lazy to fix them all (well, more like remodel them, because fixing and remodeling would be almost the same)!

I hope still someone has a use for it?

This pack is using quite a lot of custom textures,most pathes are "textures/[xyz.blp]"!
You can easily find out which is the correct one by visiting the right folder...

There are some textures you might find in bornēmodificate's pack, too, this is because those packs where used together in one project and thus the terrainer reskinned some of my models to fit better with born's!
I do have permission to upload them again in conjunction with this pack!

They are very old, so plz dont mind the quality as much as you would with models i made newly, but i didnt want
to remake them...

I fixed the stone texture on the castlewalls, it was tiling too obviously, it still does, but its way better now, so plz dont mind the old screenshots!

Do not modifiy or redistribute this anywhere!
Only if you want to fix the shield version 3, because i didnt get the alphachannel to work >.<
on win7 my old stuff doesnt work properly anymore, so if someone does that, plz tell me and i'm going to update this thread!

+Rep appreciated^^

Also plz mind that the terrain on the screenshots where not made by me, but Corexx, a brilliant german terrainer who wasnt much active here nor on hive...
(though he posted some of the terrain there, too i think)


plz all thank Frotty, the one who urged me to release this! he made the model shots and merged them together and arranged everything nicely, i wouldnt else have had time to do so!
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File Type: 7z Caste Wall Kit.7z (3.09 MB, 426 views)
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File Type: 7z Palisades.7z (652.6 KB, 389 views)
File Type: 7z Pavement & Misc.7z (1.89 MB, 399 views)
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