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Anopob: It's vaguely referenced, but I'll make that more clear.

Opposum: Yeah, being able to click the hero would be cool... Perhaps with experimentation?

Blubb: The thread I was referred to won't help anyone, as it's really just Karukef saying "hey, I found out you could do this. Btw, edit the .wts."
I'm sure you could find a way to make the heroes clickable. For example, give the doodad a model (the question/exclamation mark?) and place it next to it, so you can hover it and get the description, then click the hero to get the skills.

I shall update the tutorial now :D Thanks for the rep and kind words.
The Spell Request Thread
Originally Posted by Joe-Black-5
a dota like map but with unique stuff
(There was no map attached, and that was all the thread said.)
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