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Originally Posted by xyzie
Isn't that the 8192:th slot that is trimmed? So to be on the absolute safe side we should only use some_array[0]...some_array[8190]?

You are right, of course. With array[0] being the first slot, and array[8190] being the 8191:th...

Originally Posted by Anitarf
Destroying triggers won't cause the game to crash, it just may cause two handles to get the same handle id for some reason. Sure, dynamic triggers are still "evil", but there's no need to exaggerate how bad they really are.

Aye. I'll change that.

Otherwise, this is a nice tutorials, it covers many useful coding details, but you really should provide links to threads, you can probably find most of them in the Known bugs in Jass sticky in the T&S forum, as for the others invest some effort and look for them.

Muuh... *grumble* it'd take me more time to find links than it took to write the tutorial itself...

Originally Posted by PitzerMike
I have an addition to the Safety Info section.
Functions returning nothing shouldn't be passed to Filters/Conditions because that can cause desyncs. The latest pjass should catch those however.

Hum, but why would somebody pass a return nothing function to a filter?

(v)JASS Tutorial
Covers how to make fast and safe coding for common tasks in vJASS/JASS.
Creep Respawn System
It has never been easier to respawn creep groups...
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